Tryst 2017, Technical Fest, IIT Delhi, New Delhi, 24-27 February 2017

Fest name: Tryst 2017

Fest type: Technical Fest

Organized by: IIT Delhi, New Delhi

Fest date: 24-27 February 2017

Fest detail: Following events will be happen in Tryst 2017

  • Robotics Events
  • Departmental Events
  • Competitions
  • Social Events
  • AI Challenge
  • Glider Design Competition
  • RC Aircraft Competition
  • Research Paper Presentation
  • Rubik’s Cube Delhi Open 2017
  • Technovations

Address & contact details:

IIT Delhi, New Delhi




Tryst 2017 a Technical Fest of IIT Delhi at New Delhi on 24-27 February 2017

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