Techno Cultural Sports Fest, SREEVISION'13, Shreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, September 2-8 2013

 Fest name: SREEVISION’13
Fest type:  Techno Cultural Sports Fest
Organized by: Shreenidhi Institute of Science and technology
Important dates:
Fest Date – September 2-8, 2013

Fest details: The fest named SREEVISION is a huge hit with the student’s community.
Since 2009, the board and college management has introduced SPORTS and GAMES as a part of the event which would be the first step that we are taking in order to make SREEVISI0N the biggest fest in the state. And we have also included MIRTH as the inter-college cultural pavement that provides the students with enormous enthusiasm and refreshment as a part of their overall personality development. We, at ISTE-SNIST have always been striving for excellence in every venture, emphasizing on team work at all levels. And we are always “committed for Excellence”
The basic events that are conducted every year are as follows. Apart from this, every year there are many other events conducted.
1.         Foot Ball:
   It is a knock out tournament and lasts for 7 days. Almost 40 teams register every year from colleges all over state. It is    the largest of its kind.
2.         Volley Ball:
    It is a tournament that lasts for 3 days. Many teams take part from all over the state every year for this tournament.
3.         Basket Ball
    This is a 3-day tournament where we have a large number of registrations turning up every year.
4.         Chess:
    It goes on for 2 days. Many individuals come up for this.
5.         Caroms:
    This is another indoor event where in huge number turn up every year.
6.         Table Tennis:
     It is a two day tournament where in teams from many colleges participate in it.
  Every year we get about 200-300 participants for this event and t
hey talk about the all the latest inventions and               innovations. It is a platform where students can put forth and improve their knowledge and creativity in fields relating to   their branches.
  This is an event where students design charts, explain and present their topic in front of few judges. It has many             participants turning up since it enables a student develop his overall skills.
            This is a platform where students present their projects in front of many participants and will be rewarded by the             judges. It is a great platform where many students learn and also get a chance to put forth their project.
10. ROBOTICS:-(a)Robo Soccer,(b)Robo Wars,(c) Lakshman Rekha,(d)Robo Race
     Students from all over state come over with designed and built robots and compete with themselves or compete with      one another in competitions.
There are two events in it:
FEET-O-MANIA: Here we have dance competitions for group and solos. There will be judges from the outside who will be deciding the winners
SPICCATO: This is the celebrity concert. Famous celebrities from the film and music industry come to the college and address and entertain the huge crowd of around 5000 people that single day.
Famous singers like Hema Chandra and Bhargavi Pillai have turned up and lightened the evening with their performances. Actors Gopi Chand, Varun Sandesh, Nikhil etc., have come over and addressed the crowd.
This is one of those events which are looked for by many students.
Other than these, there are LAN GAMING, SHORT FILM CONTESTS, PHOTOGRAPHY CONTESTS and many other short and fun events under the name FUN DEN.
Mainly, what makes us raise our heads and say is “WE ARE THE MEMEBERS OF ISTE STUDENTS CHAPTER – SNIST” is we take up the interests of all the people interested in.
-TECHNICAL( Academics, General)
 Issues, Develop them in a profound way and we work as a TEAM IN PROJECTING THESE SKILLS IN A NATIOANL LEVEL.  Yes, this makes us different!
Address & contact details:
Shreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Mobile: 9676994545

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