Technical Fest, CATECHIZE 2K13, Audisankara Group of Institutions, Gudur, Andhra Pradesh, August 24 2013

Fest name: CATECHIZE 2K13
Fest type:  Technical Fest
Organized by: Audisankara Group of Institutions
Important dates:
Fest Date – August 24, 2013

Fest details: In this fest following events will be organized –
  • Screening round – It has written test consisiting of Q&A
  • Phenix Round – unlimited Qs will be asked in a time duration of 2-3.mins
  • Reveal the Mask – Images of celebrities,Scientist,Revolutionarist etc.,., Choose an image,Name it first,Then youll be asked Qs on them. 
  • Linking Qs – A topic is given based on it youll be asked linked Qs.
  • Final Battle – General Quiz competition in the given Topics

Address & contact details:
Audisankara Group of Institutions, Gudur, Andhra Pradesh
Mobile: 09581373741, 08801055625

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