Fest name: AURORA’14
Fest type:  Technical Fest
Organized by: Delhi Technological University
Important dates:
Fest Date – February 8-11, 2014

Fest details: In this fest following events will be organized –
1. Robo-Soccer: Bends your bots like Beckham.
2. Minut-2-Win It: 1 Minute Fun Games.
3. Immolation: LAN Gaming.
4. Texhibit: Technical Paper Presentation.
5. Stasis: Bots carrying liquid. Don’t spill the game.
6. Inferno: Find the hidden treasure and the treasure is yours.
7. Laser Optica: Play With Lasers, Aim the Target.
8. Accelerometer: Follow Energy Conservation; Make your own Rube Goldberg Machine.
9. Wrestlemania: Prepare your monster. Battle Begins.
10. Circuitrix: Circuit Design Competition.
11. Brain Twister: Ultimate quiz, Sudoku coming your way.
12. I-Robot: Follow the line, not the mob.
13. Sin Never Sleeps: Get Ready for Thrilling Crime Scene Experience.
14. Digi-Reporting: Cover the fest. Make a digital fest Report.
15. Codex: Coding Competition.
16. Bug Hunter: Debug the program.
17. Enigma: Online Treasure Hunt.
Address & contact details:
Delhi Technological University, Bawana Road, Shahabad Daulatpur, New Delhi, Pin – 110042
Email: alidanish1512@gmail.com, hiteshrana124@gmail.com
Mobile: 9999075121, 9718608679
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Technical Fest, AURORA’14, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, February 8-11 2014

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