Workshop, MATLAB WORKSHOP, HMR Institute of Technology and Management, Delhi, April 25-26 2013

Fest type: Workshop
Organized by: HMR Institute of Technology and Management
Important dates:
Fest Date – April 25-26, 2013

Fest details: ADIFICO TECH in association with HMR presents the Matlab Workshop with
Detailed Overview of
  • Image Processing toolbox
  • Auto Processing toolbox
  • Image Acquist toolbox
  • Design Own Software for Mobile & Laptop Camera
  • Design on Upgraded form of app (TALKING TOM) on Matlab
  • Design your own GUI project Connecting with Matlab
  • Plotting and analysis of real time data and audio waves

Address & contact details:
HMR Institute of Technology and Management, Delhi
Mobile: 09953831870, 09873048625

Workshop, ACM-IIT Delhi Free Workshop on Network Implementation and Security, Delhi, March 30-31 2013

Fest name: Technical workshop on Network Implementation and security
Fest type: Workshop
Organized by: IIT Delhi
Important dates:
Fest Date – March 30-31, 2013

Fest details: In this fest following events will be organized –
  1. Networking and use of Networking
  2. Importance of network in the world
  3. What kind of industries needs Networking?
  4. Introduction to devices and their use in the Network
  5. Data Flow and use of IP Addresses
  6. Explain IP Addressing and subnet masks.
  7. Explain classes of IP Addresses and uses
  8. About Routers (Use, Hardware, Software)   
  9. About Switches (Use, Hardware, Software)
  10. Configuring Routers and Switches to form a Network (Practical)
  11. Console, Fast Ethernet port and Serial Port
  12. Telnet and remote login (Practical)
  13. Telnet a router or switch (Practical)
  14. Commands Like: Enable, Configuration Terminal (conf t), Ping, IP Addressing, Telnet, Write
  15. How to configure a router using Console port?
  16. How to assign IP Addresses and Subnet Masks to Routers?
  17. Using Ping to verify connectivity in different routers (Practical)
  18. Saving Configurations using “Write” command.
  19. Using Telnet to configure IP Address (Practical)

Day 2(Practical)
  1. Designing a network and configuring live routers and switches by remote logging and direct access to them
  2. Using Banners
  3. How to apply authentication using Passwords?
  4. How to break passwords
  5. Using SSH for Secured Remote Login
  6. Routing Basics
  7. Static Routing
  8. How to build a Network using Routers, switches and PC’s using Static Routing technologies.
  9. Project on Network Implementation and Basic Security using Static Routing and Authentication.
  10. Software to be used
  11. Telnet Client
  12. Secure CRT
  13. Putty
  14. Wire Shark
  15. Packet Tracer

Address & contact details:
IIT Delhi, Delhi
Mobile: 08586017181

Technical Fest & Workshop, Envisage 13, Institute of Informatics & Communication, New Delhi, Delhi, February 16-17 2013

Fest name: Envisage 13
Fest type: Technical Fest & Workshop
Organized by: Institute of Informatics & Communication
Important dates:
Fest Date – February 16-17, 2013

Fest details:
Script Maestros
The White Collars
The Hazy Maze
Sesanta Secondo
Address & contact details:
Institute of Informatics & Communication, New Delhi, Delhi
Mobile: 09711178373, 09958373344
YouTube Video Link: