ASCE India Student Conference 2018, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, 15-18th March 2018

ASCE India Student Conference 2018, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, 15-18th March 2018

American Society of Civil Engineers is conducting the National Student Conference,2018 in Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. The Conference is a cluster of exclusive events and workshops that will unlock your abilities to learning and enhance your knowledge to new perspectives. It is for the first time that this event is taking place in India after marking its place in the United States for the past few years.

Attracting an array of participation from all over the country with every edition of ICES (International Civil Engineering Symposium) every year since 2012, ASCE-VIT is introducing this larger scale of Civil Engineering fest and is expecting a large response. Moreover, we are aiming on a complete enhancement of knowledge and brainstorming.

It is showcasing numerous exclusive events and workshops including the premium event “National Concrete Canoe Competition”. To master your engineering skills, we present the best of workshops that include Transportation workshop, Floating Concrete Workshop, Revit etc. Amongst the vibrant happenings, we also present you the most awaited and exhilarating events like Fresh More Challenge, Concrete Baseball Bat, Traffineer.

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Mob. – +918667394012 (ASHUTOSH TRIPATHI)
Mobile Number :+918667394012
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National Conference on Microbial Biodiversity: Exploration and Exploitation at VIT University Vellore on 8th – 9th July 2016, 11th-13th July 2016

National Conference, Microbial Biodiversity, Exploration and Exploitation, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, 8th – 9th July 2016, 11th-13th July 2016

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Fest Name: National Conference on Microbial Biodiversity: Exploration and Exploitation

Fest Type: conference, workshop

Organised By: VIT University, vellore

Fest Date: 8th – 9th July 2016, 11th-13th July 2016

Fest Details: The School of Bio Sciences and Technology is organising a National Conference on Microbial Biodiversity: Exploration and Exploitation (July 8 – 9, 2016) followed by a Workshop on Upstream and Downstream Processing of Metabolites (July 11 – 13, 2016).  Detailed information on the brochure is attached for your immediate reference. Eminent speakers from academia and industry will be delivering lectures during the conference.  The conference provides ample opportunity to learn, gain and share knowledge in relevant areas related to the theme of the chosen topic.

Note: Spot registration are welcomed

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Address & Contact Details:

Dr. Sangeetha Subramanian, Associate Professor,

Department of Biotechnology, School of Biosciences and Technology, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu- 632014


Mobile Number: 9443800939


Gravitas 2015 a Technical Fest by VIT University at Vellore on September 25-27 2015

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Gravitas 2015, Technical Fest, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, September 25-27 2015

Fest Name: Gravitas 2015

Fest Type: Technical Fest

Organised By: VIT University

Fest Date: September 25-27, 2015

Fest Details:

”’GraVITas”’ is an annual technical knowledge fest which is held by VIT every year in the month of September.GraVITas is a Melange of technology and ingenuity where both creativity and technology come together.

More than 32,000 students from 600 colleges took part in GraVITas ’14.The technical fest hosts events including quizzes, seminars, robotics events, coding competitions, etc.

There are also entertainment events. Food stalls from leading chains all across the nation are also present. The activities culminate in a three-day festival which attracts people from all over India and abroad, including students, academia, corporates and the general public.


The theme for this year’s graVITas is “Design.Create.Patent.”


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Events are divided into 12 categories and aim to cater to a diverse crowd Premium- As the star attractions of graVITas, premium events reflect the major ethos of this technical fest. Ranging from technical events such as Code-a-thon, to the AutoExpos or even fun events such as “Game-a-thon” and the stand-up event Risa, this category holds the most awaited events for each and every type of person. Students are also brought face to face with real world problems in events like Merchantry.

Robomania-This gravitas’15, we bring to you, the excitement of fun with the rigors of innovation and technology from the world of Robotics, this time it is going to be bigger and better than ever before, with robotic gladiators fighting in the robowars, to robots competing each other In different genre of sports, show your team spirits prove your metal in the battleground of the roboworld.

Bits & Bytes- With the world in trouble, whom do you turn to? Programmers, of course. Code your way to glory, because this September, your keystrokes will define you. Whether it is ardent debugging, or collaborative coding, or even coding with jumbled keyboards, only the worthy shall survive. Are you a master of all things programming? We have a cross language challenge for you as well. So come, join us for a three day programming knock out, no holds barred. With a plethora of events to pick from and fat prizes up for grabs, you’ll just have to type the best, and beat the rest.

Applied Engineering- Ever thought you could build maze so inceptional that no one could get through it? Or a may be contraption which comprises of endless circuits of motion. In order for you to take step closer for achieving such innovative aspirations, GraVITas presents the category of Applied Engineering. It comprises of events which will boggle up your manner of thinking. If you have what it takes to bend the rules of physics and compete with the budding minds on engineering, then this is place for you.

Management- This graVITas, get ready to experience some amazing management events. Each event will be as unique as the other. They will challenge the participants with all their tricks and twists, which will help participants to carve out their management skills. These top-notch events will blow out their minds.

Informal- graVITas 2015 will bring you guys an array of fun informal events. Each event will amaze you more than the other. These events will bring out the witty side of you. They will help the participants to refresh their minds from the long hours of the academics and other stress. So, get ready to be a part of the bigger and better graVITas’15.

Builtrix- Time to showcase the contriver present inside you. Do you have what it takes to think like an automaton or endeavour a massive task of a builder? GraVITas is back this time with better and more unconventional events. Competitions which will compel you to whack your brains. If you think you are ready to face these challenges, then you better put your game face on, as Builtrix is the category for you.

Circuitrix- Some people get bogged by electronics, while others have resistors for dinner and capacitors for dessert (of course they throw in a few chips) and would swear electronics is their middle name. If you belong to this rare breed of circuit-mongers, you are in for a treat. Come test your tech skills against the best this graVITas.

Quiz- graVITas Quiz Series is an initiative by graVITas to provide all student quizzers a chance to collectively register for all quizzes to be held during graVITas. The Quiz Series includes: the General Quiz, which will feature questions on everything under the sun; the Sci-Tech Quiz, which as the name suggests will test teams in the field of Science and Technology; B-Quizzed, a business quiz where one quizzes with a chance to bet on points and finally LIVE QuizUp, based on QuizUp, this is a real-time version of the popular rapid one-on-one quizzing platform.

Gravitas 2015, Technical Fest, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, September 25-27 2015

Online- Realising the importance and convenience that internet has bought to human lives, gravitas 2015 brings to you challenging online events, that make you break generic boundaries and push your limits to achieve what no common man would; because it is indeed the time to innovate.

Bioxyn- A category of Biotechnology events for all the mad scientists out there, fascinated by what exists naturally and what can be. Apply your knowledge of the life sciences and the manipulation of biology for your benefit and ours. The nucleus is the limit.

School- Encouraging our young generation to be innovative and creative, Gravitas 2015 welcomes school students with an array of competitions helping them to find the scientific genius in them and making them realise the importance of thinking out of the box.

Workshops- This GraVITas, we have a plethora of workshops to choose from. From Big data analysis to Stocks, these workshops are sure to help you broaden your horizons

Address & contact details:

Vellore Institute of Technology, Near Katpadi Rd

Vellore, Tamil Nadu – 632014


Mobile: 9944671133


Android Amaze App Fest-2015, Technical Fest, VIT University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu,21-22 March, 2015

Android Amaze App Fest-2015, Technical Fest, VIT University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu,21-22 March, 2015

Fest nameAndroid Amaze App Fest-2015

Fest type:  Technical Fest

Organized by: VIT University

Important dates:

Fest Date – March 21-22, 2015

Android Amaze App Fest-2015 Fest details: Android Amaze is a ceaseless intriguing hackathon event with a motto to produce large number of socially benefiting android applications. This event is an attempt for creating new records in the field of android app development and deployment and to get into the book of guiness world records.

Android Amaze App Fest-2015 Address & contact details:

VIT University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Mobile: 7845374622