National Seminar, ARSMR- 2013, Central University of Haryana, Mahendergarh, Haryana, October 23-24 2013

Fest name: Seminar on Application And Role of Statistics in Multidisciplinary Research (ARSMR- 2013)
Fest type:  National Seminar
Organized by: Central University of Haryana
Important dates:
Submission of Abstracts: September 20, 2013
Acceptance of Abstracts: September 25, 2013
Submission of Full length Paper: October 10, 2013
Fest Date – October 23-24, 2013

Fest details:
A two day National Seminar on Application and Role of Statistics in Multidisciplinary Research.
The main objectives of the seminar are:
(1) To give exposure to various researchers to explore and present their conceptual skills, knowledge and ideas tested by using statistical tools and techniques in multidisciplinary areas.
(2) To provide a platform for academicians, researchers and practitioners to deliberate on the need of multidisciplinary research through statistics.
(3) To explore the scope of statistics as a facilitating discipline for multidisciplinary research in other discipline like management, biosciences, medical sciences, commerce, economics, education, pure sciences etc.
(4) To discuss the application of statistics in making economic decisions, policy planning and implementation.
(5) To provide future directions to young researchers and practitioners in the subject of statistics.
(6) To explore and update the participants in recent advances in various quantitative and qualitative research methods and statistical models in social sciences and pure sciences.
The programme of the seminar will include plenary speeches, perspectives, presentations, software demonstrations and demonstration of techniques for analyzing various types of data.
 Statistics as a discipline for multidisciplinary research
 Application of statistical tools and techniques in social sciences in contemporary research areas
 Validity, reliability and relevance of statistics in social sciences and pure sciences
 Usage and role of statistics in real life problems solving for growth and development
 Model building for finding sustainable solutions to various socio- economic, political, and environmental challenges using statistical tools and techniques.
 Statistics in Social Sciences Research
 Statistics in Behavioural Studies
 Statistics and its role in IT/ICT
 Statistics and Innovations in Natural Sciences
 Statistics and Higher Education Research
 Statistics and Business Environment
 Statistics and Technology
 Statistics and Sustainable development and growth
Address & contact details:
Central University of Haryana, Jant-Pali Villages, Mahendergarh, Haryana
Mobile: 08685825764, 08607862888