Spree’19, Sports Fest, BITS Goa, Goa, 29-31 March 2019

Spree’19, Sports Fest, BITS Goa, Goa, 29-31 March 2019

Invariably, sports and physical activities are one of the most compromised necessity for a healthy and successful life.  BITS Goa makes itself an exception to behold by hosting the biggest sports festival of India – Spree, annually in the sunny months of the year.

Spree’19 , themed as “Vigour. Valour. Victory”, promises excitement from 29th to 31st of March.  The expected participant number is estimated to cross 3000 this year. With this year’s theme, Spree is predestined to enthrall its audience with the quality of the participants for various sports.

Every year the number of participants in this intercollegiate sports and entertainment festival is on the rise, thus providing a stiff competitive quality to each of the sporting events like football, basketball, cricket, volleyball, badminton, tennis, squash, table tennis, carom, chess, kabaddi and powerlifting. Colleges from across the country in major cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Indore and so on, compete to be crowned Spree champions along with cash prizes.

Spree has always been more than just a conventional sports fest. It continues to promote evolving sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Kho Kho, Tug of war, Gully cricket and Futsal. The “Act to Inspire” campaign, initiated in the year 2013, has Spree working with CRY for organizing blood donation camps and Clean-Up drives, in cities where pre-Spree elimination are conducted. Spree along with the NGO Nirmaan organizes Udaan, an event for specially abled children. The Spree Marathon is conducted in Panjim and is a 10km run in support of the ‘don’t drink and drive’ campaign, in association with Diego and has participants from all over Goa.

Spree also provides its participants with a chance to attend guest talks from famous current and past sportsmen. They inspire participants to follow their passion and perform to their optimal capability. Famous personalities like Kapil Dev, Simon Taufel, Abhinav Bindra and many more have inspired countless participations to follow their dreams. Along with that, during the three nights, participants enjoy great live music from renowned DJs and bands. World famous artists like Nucleya and The Train, to name a few of many, who have performed in previous editions of spree.

It is surely going to be a unique and memorable experience for all the participants as well as the onlookers.

Registration Link:- www.bits-spree.org


Quark 2019, Technical Fest, BITS Pilani, KK Birla Goa Campus, Goa, 1-3 February 2019

Quark 2019, Technical Fest, BITS Pilani, KK Birla Goa Campus, Goa, 1-3 February 2019


Fest Name : Quark
Fest Type : Technical Fest
Organised By: BITS Pilani, KK Birla Goa Campus
Fest Date : 1st to 3rd February 2019
Fest Details : The Quark banner is synonymous with innovation, as each edition boasts of events, guest lectures, workshops and special nights surpassing the ingenuity and grandeur of its predecessors. With a plethora of events to cater to students of varied backgrounds and disciplines, including a lecture by the eminent former president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Nobel Laureates like Sir Harry Kroto and Douglas Osheroff, events like the BITS Model United Nations and a number of diverse workshops organized by various eminent associations.
Quark has carved a niche for itself as one of the biggest technical fests in India.
Address Details : BITS Pilani, KK Birla Goa Campus, NH 17B, Bypass Road, Zuarinagar, Sancoale, Goa 403726
Email :email-id: shubham@bits-quark.org
Mobile Number :+917032160346
Website : bits-quark.org
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bitsquark

Coalescence a Fest for budding Entrepreneurs by K.K. Birla Goa Campus at Goa on 5-6 September 2015

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Coalescence, Fest for budding Entrepreneurs, K.K. Birla Goa Campus, Goa, 5-6 September 2015

Fest Name: Coalescence

Fest Type: Fest for budding Entrepreneurs

Organised By: BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus, Goa

Fest Date: September 5-6, 2015

Fest Details: Coalescence: Inspire. Ideate. Innovate

A summit which calls out to the young entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and execution plans on a global stage.
To aid BITS Pilani’s long term mission to create self capable young talent, BITS Pilani Goa Campus is proud to present Coalescence: Inspire. Ideate . Innovate.
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In coalescence 2015 we bring you an event like no other, kindling the qualities present in every one of us. this is a platform that allows the buds to see the sun, an opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow, to learn from the leaders of today. it’s a 2 day extravaganza, a creative hybrid of hands-on workshops, a conference to share stories, zealous competitions and much more. we invite you to be a part of this unique and gripping experience.
It also offers the incentives of bringing your idea to execution through the opportunity to get seed funding and mentorship from associate incubators.

What is happening in Coalescence ’15?

A.C.T (The Conference) – A.C.T stands for Aspire. Create. Transform. At Coalescence we wish to let the future Zuckerbergs of the country learn from the current ones. A conference that brings together people that have challenged the stereotypes and changed them, people who had the courage to do something, to change something, to make an impact. Some of our past speakers include:

1.      Alok Shetty, Architect, Innovator and Founder, Bhumiputra Group
2.      Biswa Kalyan Rath, Engineer and Standup Comedian
3.      Vijay Anand, The Startup Guy
4.      Kunal Shah, Founder, Freecharge
5.      Dr. Pawan Agarwal, CEO, Mumbai Dabbawala Association
6.      Sanjay Nath, Co-Founder, Blume Ventures
7.      Ritesh Agarwal, Thiel Fellow and Founder, OYO Rooms

Novatia (The B-Plan Competition) – Novatia is the premier B-Plan competition of India where top-notch innovators are given an opportunity to present their business models to a panel of experts from various industries. Novatia has 2 categories: Social and Enterprise. The participants are screened in 3 stages.
•       Round 1 invites applications in the format of Executive Summaries from various startups from all over the country. These applications are then shortlisted by our partner incubators/accelerators
•       Round 2 invites a complete Business Plan from the startups that are selected from Round 1. The top 20-25 teams among them are again screened by our partner incubators/accelerators.
•       These 20 teams receive a month long mentorship period with mentors from one of our partners to improve and curate their business plans further. Then these teams are invited to Coalescence to present their Business Plans in front of a panel of experts from various fields. Finally 2 teams from each category are declared winners.
Past References –
•       Last year, Novatia saw participation of over 200 teams from all over India.
•       Participants were from colleges as reputed as IIMs and IITs.
•       The winners received cash prize of INR 150,000.
•       All the finalists have the opportunity to get funded upto INR 2 million.
•       Partner incubators/accelerators included the likes of CIBA, MyDea Ventures, Seedfund, TiE, TLabs, Collabrant Incubators etc.
Coalescence, Fest for budding Entrepreneurs, K.K. Birla Goa Campus, Goa, 5-6 September 2015
Hackathon – A hackathon is being conducted in this edition of Coalescence in association with HackerEarth. It will consist of 3-4 problems of various difficulties to be solved in a particular time period. It will be conducted on the platform of HackerEarth. Top 3 winners will be awarded cash prize and other goodies.

Workshops – The first steps in shaping an idea are gaining the required knowledge and have a know-how of the field. To do the same, Coalescence organizes a series of workshops aimed at helping upcoming leaders keep an edge. Some of the workshops we had are:

•       Art of elevator pitching
•       Finance of startups
•       Small business simulations
•       Principles of supply chain management

Events – Aimed to provide real life simulation of entrepreneurial challenges to the thinkers of tomorrow, Coalescence organizes events for the brightest minds to meet up and evince themselves. In the last edition, some of the events in this segment were:

•       Last Entrepreneur Standing – An event that brings out the best in an entrepreneur through creative ideation
•       Bid n Barter – A business game that sharpens your negotiation skills
•       Beer Game – An interactive game that teaches you the principles of supply chain management
•       Bluechip Beatdown – An event that involves hands on interaction with customers in real time market scenario
•       Startup Expo – (Will send the details later)
•       Networking Dinner – A dinner that brings together the entire community, speakers, mentors, future entrepreneurs. A completely open interaction aimed at providing an opportunity to interact/discuss/debate/learn from some of the most experienced and accomplished people in Indian Startup Ecosystem.

For more details visit http://www.coalescence.in

Address & contact details:

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani – Goa, NH 17B Bypass Road, Zuarinagar, Sancoale, Goa – 403726

Email: info@coalescence.in

Mobile: 9763205617

Website: http://www.coalescence.in

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoalescenceIN

Waves ’15 a Cultural Fest by BITS Pilani K. K. Birla Goa Campus at Goa on 6-8 November 2015

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Waves ’15, Cultural Fest, BITS Pilani K. K. Birla Goa Campus, Goa, 6-8 November 2015

Fest Type: Annual Cultural Festival

Organized By: Students of BITS Pilani K.K. Birla Campus

Fest Date: November 6-8 2015

Fest Details: Waves- Escape Reality is the 2015 edition of the annual cultural festival of BITS Pilani. It offers a wide range of events in diversified fields in order to ensure that everyone who attends has an unforgettable time and there in not a dull moment while Waves is going on. Waves in one of the biggest cultural festivals in India and has the distinction of being the fastest growing festival in the country.

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So join us at Waves ’15 and be ready to Escape Reality to go on a breath-taking journey to the world of fiction and fantasy from 6th to 8th November this year. See you all there!


Address & contact details:

BITS Pilani K.K.Birla Goa Campus, Goa-403726

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitswaves

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitswaves