Fest name: Infusion 2015
Fest type: Management Fest
Organized by: IIM Rohtak
Important dates:
Fest Date – January 17-18, 2015

Fest details: Infusion is the annual cultural and sports festival of the Indian Institute of Management Rohtak. It is a student –run non-profit organization which caters primarily to the youth.It is a two-day long event to be held on 17th-18th January 2015.Its first edition that happened in 2013 witnessed a footfall from students from over 50 colleges across the country.Infusion is very fast becoming one of the biggest B-school festivals of the country.Infusion conducts events in the domain of management, culture and sports.
In this fest following events will be organised:
1) Smart Beta -Finance- 2nd January 2015 : 10PM
2) Operazione -Supply Chain and Operations Management -3rd January 2015 : 10PM
3) Clepsydra -Strategy and Consulting -4th January 2015 : 10PM
4) PRAUDHYOGIKI -ITernity -5th January 2015 : 10PM
5) TATVA – Humane-R -6th January 2015 : 10PM
6)Sports and Cultural Events (during fest)
Address & contact details:
IIM Rohtak, Rohtak, Haryana
Email: pgp05.035@iimrohtak.ac.in
Mobile: 8199822035

Management Fest, Infusion 2015, IIM Rohtak, Rohtak, Haryana, January 17-18 2015

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