Conference, GWBIMC 2013, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, November 26-28 2013

Conference name: GWBIMC 2013
Organized by: Bharathiar University
Important dates:
Conference Date – November 26-28 2013

Conference details: 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON GLOBAL WARMING ON BIODIVERSITY OF INSECTS: MANAGEMENT AND CONSERVATION STRATEGIES 2013. Global Warming is a global phenomenon with a number of effects on the global level. Global warming has various effects, ranging from the effects to the atmosphere to the economical, environmental as well as the health life of human beings. One of the most serious effects of Global Warming that humans have to think about is the effects on the health of individuals, nations and therefore civilizations. The rise in temperature due to global warming is known to be supportive to various viral diseases like the west Nile virus and malaria. If we don’t do something to reverse this frightening trend, it would mean extinction for thousands of species. Global warming has come down to earth for the wildlife right in our backyards.  The effects are already happening and will likely worsen unless we get serious about reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat trapping gases to help slow global warming.
The world is currently facing its greatest ever biodiversity crisis. Insects and plants are becoming extinct because of habitat loss, over-hunting, pollution, over population and the threat of global climate change. So it is becoming important that the world has professionals equipped with the necessary skills to understand and manage biodiversity of insects, which must ensure that resources are conserved for the future while taking into account the needs of the growing human population, and the pressures for its development.
1.      Global warming on insect migration and biodiversity conservation
2.      Global warming on agricultural Insects and food security for rural population
3.      Global warming on conservation/management of forestry Insects.
4.      Global warming on management of medical and veterinary Insects
5.      Global warming on malaria, dengue and filariasis and human health
6.      Global warming on marine ecosystem and aquatic sustainability
7.      Global warming on wetland  ecosystem management  and  pollution control
8.      Global warming on biotechnological advancement on insects
9.      Global warming on pesticide toxicity and including novel and nano- insecticides
Address & contact details:
Bharathiar University, Maruthamalai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – 641046
Mobile: 9894832849

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