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Fest Name: UTKARSHA-15

Fest Type: Social Fest

Organised By: Indian Institute of Management Indore

Fest Date: December 5-6 2015

Fest Details: We are proud to announce the second edition of UTKARSHA, the exclusive social fest at IIM Indore to be held from December 5 to December 6, 2015. The first edition saw a host of eminent personalities and a variety of events, and this year it will only be bigger and better.

The two-day event aims to ignite discussion about gender neutrality and equal rights for women. This year, we are officially collaborating with HeForShe, a UN Women Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality.

UTKARSHA-15, Social Fest, IIM Indore, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, December 5-6 2015

We have flagship events like:

Avdharna, Social B-Plan Competition

Good Corp Bad Corp, CSR Strategy Event

Youth Parliament

Panel Discussion

Other Events include:

Sauvetage, Live Consulting Event

Moral Muddle, British Parliamentary Debate

Aakrosh, Street Play

Jaago Re, Social campaigning Event

Inverika, Social Quiz

Samhita, Walk For a Cause

Nayan, Online Photography Competition

Social Take, Online Video Making Competition

Registrations have begun for all events on our website www.utkarsha.net.in

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Address & contact details:

Indian Institute of Management Indore, Rau Pithampur Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh- 453556

Mobile: 7024398595

Website: http://utkarsha.net.in

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/utkarshafest/?fref=ts

UTKARSHA-15 a Social Fest by IIM Indore at Indore on December 5-6 2015

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