Fest name: COMPOSIT 2015
Fest type: Technical Fest
Organized by: IIT Kharagpur
Important dates:
Fest Date – March 14-15, 2015

Fest details: Congress of Metallurgical Professionals involving Students, Industry and Teachers (COMPOSIT) is a national meet conducted by the Society of Metallurgical Engineers (SME), Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. The idea of COMPOSIT was conceived in 1994 to provide a common platform for fostering interactions and invoking innovations among those involved in the field of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. At COMPOSIT we aim to encourage the young and enthusiastic metallurgists from all over the country to showcase their talent. It also gives them an opportunity of a lifetime to interact with the stalwarts in the field who share their expertise. This year, the event spans two days (14th & 15th of March) of intense contests, spectacular presentations and nerve-breaking quizzes. Following the great success of COMPOSIT ’14, IIT Kharagpur is all set to witness yet another edition of COMPOSIT which guarantees all its trademark features and events on a much larger scale along with new features added due to popular demand.
Address & contact details:
IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West Bengal
Mobile: 07586845969

Technical Fest, COMPOSIT 2015, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West Bengal, March 14-15 2015

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