Y Frames a Film Festival of NIMD, NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata, West Bengal on 31 March 2017

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Y Frames, Film Festival, NIMD, NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata, West Bengal, 31 March 2017

Fest Name: Y Frames
Fest Type: MEDIA & DESIGN   Categories:  Fiction | Non-Fiction | Animation
Organised By: NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata
Fest Date: 31st March 2017
Fest Details : Student film makers are encouraged to send their work (fiction / non-fiction), with a running time of not more than 10 minutes.

•         Film should be in English / Hindi or Bengali. Non-English films should have English subtitles.
•         Entry fee is Rs. 100/- .
•         Films should have been made after 2014. Films made prior to this will not be accepted.
•         Students participants are requested to send a short write up on the film, along with a brief biography of the film maker, in not more than 100 words.
•         Student participants are requested to provide a film poster in soft (high res) as well as in hard copy for promotion.
•         The Top 10 selected entries in Fiction & in Non-Fiction category will be screened at the festival – March 31st.
•         All screened films will be given a ‘certificate of participation’.
•         The Best film will be awarded a cash prize & a winner’s trophy; The runner up film will be awarded trophy.
•          Submissions to be made via Email at:  nshm.yframes@gmail.com
•         Deadline for submission: March 23rd, 2017
•        All Submissions must be made in: .mp4 format
•       Entries can be as individual or group submission representing a college or an institution.
•        Submissions are limited to ONE entry per group/individual.
•        In appropriate and objectionable content will not be accepted. Failure to abide by this will result in the immediate disqualification of the entry.
Submissions can use any medium of execution (2d/ 3d/ mixed media).
All entries must be within 3 minutes but not less than 1 minute.
•      All FILM Entries, should also be sent in a DVD labelled with the subject “FICTION FILM”  or “NON-FICTION FILM” and sent to:
NIMD, Y-Frames Nshm Knowledge Campus – Kolkata 124 (60) B L Saha Road, Kolkata 700053.
Phone/Fax: +91 33 2403 2300/01
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Address Details:

NIMD, NSHM Knowledge Campus – Kolkata 124 (60) B L Saha Road, Kolkata, West Bengal
Mobile: 8013282491, 8017141667
Website: www.nshm.com
Email: nshm.yframes@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NSHMKnowledgeCampus

EDGE ’17 a Technical Fest, Management Fest of GEEKONIX, Techno India Salt Lake at Kolkata, West Bengal on 7-9 April 2017

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EDGE ’17, Technical Fest, Management Fest, GEEKONIX, Techno India Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal, 7-9 April 2017

Fest Name: EDGE ’17
Fest Type: Technical, Management
Organised By: GEEKONIX, Techno India Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal
Fest Date: 7-9 April 2017
Fest Details: EDGE ’17, the annual techno management fest organized by GEEKONIX, the official science club of TECHNO INDIA , SALT LAKE will take place on the 7th, 8th and 9th of April this year. It is the largest techno-management fest of Kolkata and the second largest in Eastern India. Over the years EDGE has succeeded in carving out a niche in the social calendars of the youth. It presents an impeccable array of opportunities for the students to showcase their skills, be it in the world of gaming or in robotics. With an overall prize money of over 7 lakh INR, EDGE ’17 with the official tagline EDGE’17. THINK. DREAM. LIVE., promises to be bigger and better than ever before . With an expected footfall of over 5000 students and participation from over 100 colleges, the mega glitz will be nothing short of a spectacle. It promises to provide people an amazing experience with Edge Deeds, Edge Talks and Edge Nights.

Capturing the imagination of thousands is not an easy job but that is exactly what Edge ’17 aims to do with an array of events like:

1) Robotics: Manual, Aqua, Autonomous Robotics.

2) Compute Aid: Flawless,Bug hunt, Cryptoquest, Codemart, Web Design & Development.

3) Cyber Crusade: Counter Strike(College league, Pro league) Fifa (College league, Pro league) Dota 2 , NFS , Clash of Clans

4) Money Matters: Management related events like B-plan, B-quiz, Addomedia.

5) Innovati: An open end engineering based project-development and appraisal event.

6) Infocus: Events including photography and videography.

7) Online events: Code out hosted by CODECHEF, Kwiznet, Stock it, Game of zones.

8) Food for fun: Quizzes, food relay, case studies etc

9) Create it: innovative events including Mekanix, Rags to riches etc.

10) Newton: Debate, quiz, youth parliament

11) Just like that: Fun events.
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Address & contact details:

GEEKONIX, Techno India Salt Lake, 4/1, EM Block, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal
Mobile: 9836891210, 7044298043
Email: geekonix@gmail.com
Website: http://edg.co.in
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gx.Edg

TEDxIIMC an Annual fest by IIM Calcutta at West Bengal on November 15 2015



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TEDxIIMC, Annual fest, IIM Calcutta, Calcutta, West Bengal, November 2015, IIMs, Fests in IIM

Fest Name: TEDxIIMC: Live, Revel, Be a part

Fest Type: Tedx

Organised By: IIM Calcutta

Fest Date: November 15, 2015

Fest Details: TEDxIIMC is an international annual event devoted to its mission “Ideas Worth Spreading”, bringing together the world”s leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that matter in any disciplines – Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Our distinguished speakers span from backgrounds like science, humanities, business and development. This is the fourth edition of TEDxIIMC. This is an integral part of IIM Calcutta. TEDx T-shirts and Certificates are cherished by the speakers and attendees, and the TEDxIIMC facebook page and official website are very frequently visited. You will thus get an opportunity to connect with the participant community effectively, and to stay connected.

Registration Page: http://in.bookmyshow.com/kolkata/events/tedxiimc/ET00023496

Ticket Price: Rs 350/per person

Mode of payment: BookMyShow Link: http://in.bookmyshow.com/kolkata/events/tedxiimc/ET00023496)

Ted T-Shirts: Exclusive Ted T-shirts  can be bought at : https://mydreamstore.in/product/search_campaigns?token=tedxiimc

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Free Travel Coupons by Uber: Each person will be given free coupon to travel from respective places to IIM Calcutta free of cost on 15th November. Coupon will be shared on 14th November Contact: jaidevp2016@email.iimcal.ac.in

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/tedxiimc

Youtube Videos Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWCZ2at9O_8

Fest Guests: Speakers:

Dia Mirza

Charu Sharma

Shazia Ilmi

Paddy Upton

Jayaprakash Narayan

Shukla Bose

Raghunath Medge

Nidhi Agarwal

TEDxIIMC, Annual fest, IIM Calcutta, Calcutta, West Bengal, November 15 2015

Address & contact details:

IIM Calcutta, Diamond Harbor Road, Joka, WB-700104

Email: jaidevp2016@email.iimcal.ac.in

Mobile: 8585010157

Website: http://www.tedxiimc.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tedxiimc

National Students Space Challenge (NSSC) 2015 a Space Technology Fest by IIT Kharagpur at Kharagpur on October 30 – November 01 2015

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National Students Space Challenge (NSSC) 2015, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West Bengal, Space Technology Fest, October 30 – November 01 2015

Fest Name: National Students’ Space Challenge (NSSC) 2015

Fest Type: First Space Technology Fest

Organized By: IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal

Fest date- October 30 – November 01 2015

Fest Details: National Students Space Challenge (NSSC), a national-level engineering competition organized at IIT Kharagpur each year. The competition is certified by Indian Space Research Organisation and receives participation in large numbers from engineering students from all over the country. Last year, the events saw a staggering participation of 1276 students from all over the country with the participation of online events exceeding over 1500 and was sponsored by companies such as Honeywell, DRDO and The Statesman. NSSC 2015 will be held from 30th October to 1st November, 2015.

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Since its very origin, exploring the universe has been one of the vehement preoccupations of mankind evolved over the eons. Advancing in this direction, Space Technology Students’ Society (spAts) brings to you India’s largest space technology fest “National Students’ Space Challenge”. NSSC is the sole technical fest of its genre encouraging space enthusiasts to showcase their mettle in various fields of Astronomy and Astrophysics. It was conceived by Space Technology Students’ Society, a group of IITians from various disciplines working towards a common goal of motivating space interest among the student community of India, emerging as one of the major forefronts in the field of space technology. Officially, we are the student body of Kalpana Chawla Space Technology Cell (KCSTC), the contact point of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), at IIT Kharagpur. With the constant support of ISRO we regularly conduct activities and take initiatives to promote space enthusiasm all over the country. Since its origin in 2011 we have received a staggering participation each year and we expect it to be even bigger and better this year.

National Students' Space Challenge (NSSC) 2015, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West Bengal, Space Technology Fest, October 30 – November 01 2015

The events to be conducted at NSSC ’15 provide you with an overwhelming opportunity to tackle real life space problems and take a step further as a budding space scientist. We are giving you this opportunity to leave your mark in the biggest national level space competition of India. So put the paddle to your mettle and let those brain juices fly.

Address & contact details:

IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West Bengal

Mobile: 9933940414, 9848883159

Email: satyam@nssc.in, madhuri@nssc.in

Website: http://nssc.in

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpaceTech4U

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nssc.iit