MAGNOVITE v6.0 a Techno – Cultural Fest by Christ University at Bangalore in Karnataka on 02 – 04 March 2017

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MAGNOVITE v6.0, Techno – Cultural Fest, Christ University, Bangalore, Karnataka, 02 – 04 March 2017

Fest Name: MAGNOVITE V6.0

Fest Type: Techno – Cultural Fest

Organised By: Faculty of Engineering Christ University

Fest Date: 02 – 04 March 2017

Fest Details: Magnovite is an annual techno-cultural fest organized by the Faculty of Engineering, Christ University.  With the confluence of technical as well as non-technical events, we at Magnovite try to bring a plethora of opportunities to the student community of different colleges to come and take part and bring their classroom teaching to practical knowledge and prove their mark competing against their peers from different parts of the country.

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This year the theme, for Magnovite v6.0 is KREO. KREO is the translation for the English word ‘CREATION’ in the Esperanto language. Here we’re emphasizing on the creation and evolution of technology in all disciplines.

We have a total of 36 workshops and 29 events (19 technical and 10 non-technical) lined up this time. For more information and registration purposes, please visit our website

Address & contact details:

Christ University Faculty of Engineering, Mysore Road, Bangalore

Email: [email protected]

Mobile Number: 9742687368



CONNAISSANCE 2017 a Paper Presentation by Christ University Institute of Management at Bangalore in Karnataka on 10 February 2017

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CONNAISSANCE 2017, Paper Presentation, Christ University Institute of Management, Bangalore, Karnataka, 10 February 2017

Fest Name: CONNAISSANCE 2017
Fest Type: Research paper presentation
Organised By: Christ University Institute of Management
Fest Date: 10th February, 2017
Fest Details: CONNAISSANCE 2017 is an endeavour by CUIM, provoking the thought process of creative B-School students from all over India, into giving meaningful solutions to burning issues around the globe but, with a special focus on India. CONNAISSANCE is in its sixth edition now.

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This year, the theme is Managing Technology driven Business in India with the focus on new technological developments and methods for business management which allows organizations to not only improve their processes and allow for greater productivity, but also to maintain competitive advantage in the information age.
Address & contact details: Institute of Management, Christ University, Kengeri Campus, Bangalore, Karnataka.
Email: [email protected]
Mobile Number: 9623097884

In-Bloom 2017 a Cultural Fest by Christ University at Bengaluru in Karnataka on 1-4 February 2017

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In-Bloom 2017, Cultural Fest, Christ University, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 1-4 February 2017

Fest Name: In-Bloom 2017
Fest Type: Cultural Fest
Organised By: Christ University
Fest Date: 1-4 February 2017
Fest Details: In-Bloom is a national-level cultural festival organised annually by Christ University, Bengaluru. It features stage, art, literary, and theatre events. In-Bloom aims to provide a platform for students from institutions across the country to channelise their creativity, sharpen their minds, and exhibit their talents within an atmosphere of amity and celebration.
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Address Details:

Christ University, Hosur Road, Bengaluru – 560029, Karnataka
Email: [email protected]
Mobile Number: 7829451566


Ushus 2016 a Management Fest by Christ University Institute of Management at Bengaluru on November 25-26 2016

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Ushus 2016, Management Fest, Christ University Institute of Management, Bengaluru, Karnataka, November 25-26 2016

Fest Name: Ushus 2016
Fest Type: Management
Organised By: Christ University Institute of Management
Fest Date: 25th -26th November 2016
Fest Details: Ushus is a national level management fest for Postgraduate students of Commerce & Management and Undergraduate students engineering to test and sharpen skills, push limits and pull the strings of imagination. Ushus signifies the genesis of ideas that opens up a challenging journey. Dive into the realms of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, Lean Operations and General Management and treasure the pearls you collect.
Events at Ushus 2016
Garuda [Best Manager]
Pratigya [B-Plan]
Vanshi [B-Quiz]
Balidaan [CSR]
Shukra [Finance]
Astras [General Management]
Lakshagraha [HR]
Karta Virya [Marketing]
Yagna [Operations]
NOTE:- Total Price Money is worth of 4 Lakh Rupees

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Address & contact details:

Christ University Institute of Management, Hosur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 9930474316, 9731413339