Technical Fests, Probe 2015, NIT Trichy, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, February 7-8, 2015

Fest name: Probe 2015
Fest type: Technical Fests
Organized by: NIT Trichy
Important dates:
Fest Date – February 7-8, 2015

Fest details: PROBE is the national technical symposium of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, NITT and has been the college’s pride since its inception in 1992. Every year, PROBE beckons active participation from leading companies and industries, notably Intel, Texas Instruments, Atmel Corporation, Schneider Electric, NVIDIA, and Synopsys etc. in the organization of workshops, guest lectures and Technical demonstration. The previous edition of probe registered a participation of students from 90 colleges and 900 participants across the country. Probe is known for its unique and creative technical events, seminars/workshops, guest lectures and panel discussions by eminent industrialists and researchers.
Address & contact details:
NIT Trichy, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
Mobile: 9962344153, 9444430420


Technical Fest, Mukti 2015, NIT Durgapur, Durgapur, West Bengal, January 30 to February 01 2015

Fest name: Mukti 2015
Fest type: Annual National level Technical Symposium
Organized by: NIT Durgapur
Important dates:
Fest Date – January 30 to February 01, 2015

Fest details: Mukti, in its 8th year now, is one of the prime FOSS Symposium of the country. Having attracted major contributions to the open Source field through the string of workshops and talks, GNU/Linux Users’ Group, NIT Durgapur strives to make a dream come true. A dream where everyone, understands the power of Linux in daily computing and liberates itself from the clutches of proprietary software.
Mukti is the culmination of that dream. Every year, the FOSS Community comes together in NIT Durgapur and celebrates the spirit of freedom. We organize developer sprints over popular Open Source Softwares, all night hack-a-thons, and many talks and workshops.
Organizing such an event requires time, effort and most importantly resources to achieve the level of perfection and to properly channelize the passion that we have for the betterment of the society. And that’s where you can help us. Being an associate of Mukti along with GNU/Linux Users’ Group, you benefit from reaching out to a vast pool of students, young entrepreneurs and excellent minds, and also an opportunity to connect with the leaders in the industry, who would be gracing this occasion.
For Mukti’15, Mr. AmodMalviya, the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) at Flipkart would be gracing the occasion as the keynote speaker. Also, here are some of the stats from our events last year:
Codecracker: The flagship event of Mukti, CodeCracker is a algorithmic programming contest which witnesses participation from 19 countries and around 5000 users participating it worldwide. Last year, the prize went to a participant from China.
Online Treasure Hunt: An engrossing treasure hunt online, keeps the students glued to their systems, figuring our clues to the next level and ultimately reaching for the prize. This event had atleast 2000 users accessing the portal at anytime during it’s 7day run.
Linit: Our annual technical magazine, is circulated around the country, and your presence in Linit would help your brand image as well would improve our circulation.
This year, we plan to go even bigger and even better, while sticking to our roots, which is to spread the knowledge and advantages of FOSS and enabling people build better solutions to make the society a better place!
Mukti, which is being organized from 30th would be much better with your assistance. We hope to hear back from you soon.
Address & contact details:
NIT Durgapur, Durgapur, West Bengal

Cultural Fests, Confluence 2015, NIT Kurukshetra, Kurukshetra, Haryana, February 12-15 2015

Fest name: Confluence 2015
Fest type:  Cultural Fest
Organized by: National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra
Important dates:
Fest Date – February 12-15, 2015

Fest details: National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra is proud to present its annual cultural fest Confluence’15 (12-15 February).’Confluence’ is a four day cultural festival, the fest witnesses a participation of nearly 250 colleges in a plethora of around 100+ events, mainly in the field of dance, drama, music, and various cultural activities. This annual event, the largest of its kind in North India, is the perfect setting to convert the talent one possesses into implementable actions.
Address & contact details:
NIT Kurukshetra, Kurukshetra, Haryana
Mobile: 9896672725

Technical Fest, CORONA 2015, National Institute of Technology, Patna, Bihar, January 23-27 2015

Fest name: CORONA 2015
Fest type:  Technical Fest
Organized by: National Institute of Technology
Important dates:
Fest Date – January 23-27, 2015

Fest details: Corona’15 is all set to raise the bar and take it to the next level. For the first time it is going to be a techno management fest with attractive events for the management students also. Corona’15 is going feature all new robotics events with state of the art problem statement and tough competition many colleges all over the nation. For the first time cultural events are going to held in parallel with the Corona events attracting even bigger crowd from all over the nation. Fest night or the end of the day celebration is planned to be tremendous and more amusing than last year with even more bigger crowd. This year high dignitaries such as Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad (Union Minister of Communications and IT), Mr. Nitish Kumar (Ex- Chief Minister, Bihar) etc. are likely to grace this grand event. We are also planning a band night in collaboration with coke studio and MTv in our premises and a TED Talk in our campus in collaboration with TEDx.
Address & contact details:
National Institute of Technology, Patna, Bihar
Mobile: 7739305893


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