Annual Function is celebrated by many organizations (school/college/institute/university etc.) for completing a successful year. In this article complete information on anchoring script for Annual Function is provided.

Welcome ceremony:

To start the welcome ceremony first wish to all the present audience according to time i.e. Good morning/ good afternoon/ good evening to all of you;

On the behalf of the ….Organization….Name….. I …First…Anchor …Name… & I …Second…Anchor …Name… (If two anchors are present) welcome our chief guest, guest of honour, principal & other guests (guest will be decided by the management), students and participants.

Today is a very great day that our “Origination Name” celebrating his “time period” Annual day.

Friends we are living in that country on which we remember our “God” before starting any good work. Now I invite our chief guest, guest of honour & all the other dignitaries present on the stage for lighting the lamp in front of “MA SARASWATI”.

[Now the entire guest will move for lighting the lamp]

We are also inviting girls for singing “Saraswati Vandana”.

Now girls will start singing the saraswati songs.

After finishing this event say thank you sir & madam OR thank’s to all of you

Now it’s time to welcome your all guests which you can call one by one person from your organisation  & they will welcome your all guests by giving flowers or any things which the management provide.

Guest Speech:

In this section you can call to your every guest one by one & they will express their views about motivating the students. After every guest speech you will say thank you sir/madam & also say 2-3 lines which he/she told in there speech.

Cultural Events:

Now that moment has come for which the students are waiting ….”yes..” the cultural event time.

Now both anchors will start there anchoring by speaking one line/paragraph each other.

The following events can be decided by your management team.

Solo dance



Group dance




Fashion show

Many more other events

Anchor-1: So friends are you ready for enjoying

Anchor-2:  yes for long time our friends are waiting to know about our today events

Anchor-1: so let’s tell all what will happen

Anchor-2:  yes sure why not

Anchor-1: friends today you will enjoy stage breaking performance.

Anchor-2: Say first Anchor name…  let’s call our first participant name

Anchor-1: yes why not…..

Anchor-2:  so gyzz our today 1st performance is solo dance & this performance is given by …….candidate name……..

~~~~~after performance~~~~~

Anchor-1: waoo what’s stage braking performance

Anchor-2:  yes audience did you enjoy~~

!!~~ Now both anchors can discuss for the next performance & this will be continue till the events will not come in the end. The first thing anchors should keep in mind that audience will not be bored.

Note: anchors discussion should be related to the coming performance for this anchor can look the performance before one day at the final preparation & script can be prepared by both anchors.

Anchors can be changed after 5-7 performances if events are more.

Principal Speech:

Now anchors will call to principal sir/madam for giving the motivational speech & reading whole organisation successful speech.

………………After this 1-2 cultural programs should be continuing.

Announcement of winners:

In this section anchors will announce the name of the winners in the different activities.

Anchor-1: in dance 1st prize goes to ……candidate/group name……………

Anchor-2:  and 2nd prize goes to ……candidate/group name……………

Anchor-1: in singing 1st prize winner is ……candidate/group name……………

Anchor-2:  and 2nd prize winner is ……candidate/group name……………

Prize distributions:

First honour your all guests & judges…

Friends now it’s time to honour the winners of the different activities. We request chief guest, guest of honour, principal sir/madam & all the dignitaries please come on stage & honour our winners.

~~@@At this ceremony slow music can be played@@~~

A warm thank you speech:

After the prize distribution ceremony anchors will call to the event head/dean/HOD/convenor for giving a warm thank you to the guest, participants, faculty & students.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~on the last time anchors will say thank you to everyone & this function end can be done by a group dance/bhangra etc. Whichever management decide it.

Anchoring Script for Annual Function

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